What is an in-home consultation and how do I prepare?
An in-home consultation is conducted prior to commencing services and allows you and your family to meet your pet sitter. The in-home consultation also allows us to collect two sets of house keys for access to your home and pets. To prepare for your in-home consultation, please register on Power Pet Sitter, our online scheduling software, and input all pertinent details regarding your home, contact information, and pets. Please also prepare two sets of house keys for our use. We ask that you please test each key to ensure our entry into your home.

Why do you need two sets of house keys?
We require two sets of house keys from all clients, no exceptions. One set of keys remains in the care of your pet sitter and the other set is kept in our office safe to be used in the case of a lock-out or emergency. All keys are coded with an alpha-numeric coding system for your security. Your name, pet's   name and address will never be associated with your keys.

How do I know when your staff was at my home?
We provide clients with detailed reports for each of our visits so that you know when we were in your home and what was accomplished. Daily reports and logs are provided for all regular midday walks and pet sitting services.

I have a special needs pet, can you accommodate special requests?
As professional pet sitters, we are prepared to care for pets of all ages, sizes, temperaments and needs. Please contact us to further discuss your pet’s individual needs and our availability.

Do you require a minimum number of visits per day while I’m out of town?
In order to provide the best possible service and in keeping with the terms of our insurance policy, we require a minimum of one visit per day for cats and small animals and two visits per day for dogs during the duration of your trip.

What are your blocks of time for scheduling service?

We schedule service during the following time blocks:

AM Visits - 8:00am - 10:00am

MIDDAY Visits - 10:00am - 3:00pm

DINNER Visits - 3:00pm - 6:00pm

PM Visits - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Overnight Visits - 8:00pm - 7:00am

Visits for Cats - Anytime, unless scheduled medication is required

What is your cancellation policy?
For Pet Sitting/Vacation/Holiday Clients – AT LEAST seventy-two (72) hours notice is REQUIRED. We are a very busy pet sitting company and since we schedule on a first come, first served basis, we may turn away service requests in order to ensure we provide quality pet care for your pets. In the event proper notification is not provided, a cancellation fee of $50.00, plus 50% of the originally scheduled service will apply.

For Midday Clients – We REQUIRE at least twenty-four (24) hours notice for any cancellation. In the event proper notification is not provided, a cancellation fee of $35.00 and/or the regular pet visit fee, whichever is less, will be charged for the cancelled visit.

How do I make reservations?
We ask clients to schedule reservations through our online scheduling software, Power Pet Sitter. Reservation requests are approved and confirmed within 24 hours.

How do I make changes to existing reservations?
You can make changes to your reservations by logging in our online scheduler, Power Pet Sitter.  If changes are being made within 72 hours of your reservation, please either call or text us at 703.819.9028 to make changes to existing reservations.

Do you take last minute requests?
We are happy to accommodate last minute requests when possible. All requests that are being made with less than 24 hours notice must be called in or texted to us at 703.819.9028.  Requests with more than 24 hours notice can be input into Power Pet Sitter. We will respond to all requests as soon as possible.

How do I pay for service?
For current pet sitting /vacation clients, we send invoices via email prior to your departure.  Payment is due prior to departing on your trip.

For midday clients, we send invoices on the last day of each month.

For all clients, payment terms are Net 10 days after invoices are sent/received.  A 5% finance charge will be charged if payment is not received after 10 days.  All invoices are sent via email.  A link to pay online is included with each invoice.  If you prefer not to pay online, you can mail payment to us.

What happens during inclement weather?

In order to ensure the safety of our staff and of the community, we initiate our Inclement Weather Plan when localities close schools due to potentially dangerous weather conditions. When initiated, we announce our Inclement Weather Plan for that day and specific weather concern on our Facebook page   and via email. During inclement weather situations, our midday dog walking services may be canceled and our pet sitting service schedules may be altered. We ask that all clients provide us with an inclement weather emergency contact that can care for your pets in the event that we cannot access your home. Your emergency contact should be able to walk to your home and have working keys for entry. All visits that are canceled as a result of inclement weather are credited to your account for use toward future services. Credits must be used within six months of the cancellation date. We also ask that you consider your pet sitter’s safety by clearing steps and walkways of ice and snow and by designating a neighbor to do so when you are traveling. Please also note that staff is empowered to shorten exercise time during heavy rainfall and lightning and/or thunderstorms. In such cases,   exercise time will be replaced with indoor playtime and TLC.

Do you have references?
Our satisfied customers are happy to speak with you about their experience with us. Please contact us for a list of references in your area.

Do you have a referral incentive program?
As part of our Paws 4 Claws Referral Rewards Program, referring clients will receive a $10 credit on your account when the referred party books services with us. Paws 4 Claws Referral Reward credits expire six months from the date of the credit. There is no limit to how many credits you can get so spread the word!

Can I tip my pet sitter?
You are welcome to reward your pet sitter for a job well done by leaving a tip for them directly.